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Provider Results
of Innovative Behavioral Healthcare Programs

Thanks to all who contributed to this CBHA team effort!

"Going On Record"
with DASA

It is important for everyone who will have service capacity diminished to go on record.  Demonstrating the consequences to clients you serve will help us leverage the next round of our discussions as Director Binion responds to your situation. Contact the CBHA office for more information and sample communication.


CBHA is currently working with providers across the state to facilitate community forums based on legislative districts by providing templates for inviting legislators, partners and participants. We can also assist by discussing ideas, topics, and how to use the forum to offer, as well as solicit, actions and solutions for identified issues. Contact CBHA for additional information.


It was great seeing so many of you at our Annual Conference this year - a conference overflowing with providers, stakeholders and industry vendors. Many gifts were delivered by all of the terrific panelists covering important topics, the opportunities to network, and luncheon programs that lifted our spirits as we drank in the lunchtime comments delivered by:

  • Senator Steans, Chair of Senate Appropriations I - our legislator of the year;
  • CBHA's outgoing and incoming Presidents - Jackie Haas, President and CEO of The Helen Wheeler Center, and Lisa Tolbert, Executive Director of Delta Center, Inc.;
  • and the recipients of CBHA Lifetime Achievement awards - Mitch Bruski, CEO of Kenneth Young Center, and Dr. Marion Sleet, CEO of Ada S. McKinley Community Services, Inc.

To access the conference presentations and to see a few pictures of our event, click this link.

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Our mission is to represent the interests of our members in order
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