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Advocating for a Fair FY 2016 Budget

CBHA Members - Please join us
in this month's advocacy journey!


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The state needs additional Revenue to avoid impending disaster. Revenues are needed to avoid catastrophic avoidable tragedies rolling across our beloved state. The solutions for FY 2016 include:

  1. Reforms
  2. Re-amortize the Pension debt spreading payments over a longer period of time
  3. Lower tax rates for calendar year 2015 - just not as dramatically as letting the rates fall off the cliff taking the entire state down with them.

Go on record ASAP.


Feel free to tailor the linked communication (CBHA call for reforms and additional revenues 051115) to your communication "situation" when you talk to or email your legislators ASAP.

HB 0001 (HAM 2)
Heroin Crisis Act
Advances Out of Committee


Thanks to all who submitted witness slips in support of HB 0001 (HAM 2).


During this morning's hearing on HB 0001 (HAM 2) in the House Substance Abuse Special Committee, the committee members voted unanimously to pass the bill out of committee and to the floor of the House. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Lou Lang, stated that an agreed-upon technical amendment (HAM 3) will be added on the floor of the House. The next step is to get the bill out of the House and into the Senate.


PLEASE contact your Representatives and urge them to sign on as sponsors or vote in support of passing HB 0001 out of the House.


SB 1249 Passes the House 115-0-0


Our initiative, SB 1249, passes the House 115-0-0. Thanks to great sponsors and everyone who reached out to their legislators.




House Bill 4096 (HAM 1) is in the Senate and Placed on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading May 20, 2015. CBHA filed a witness slip in support of this piece of legislation that seeks to enable reasonable access to children’s mental health care under the Individual Care Grant (ICG) Program. Please contact your State Representatives and urge him/her to vote in favor of HB 4096 (HAM 1).



The Governor and legislative leaders have agreed to work groups to discuss solutions for the FY 2016 budget. The scheduled end of the Illinois General Assembly session is weeks away. It is imperative you

  • Contact your state elected members of the General Assembly about the values of your services and the need for including reforms and additional revenues in the FY 2016 budget negotiations.
  • Ask your networks and coalitions to contact their state elected members of the General Assembly about the values of your services and the need for including reforms and additional revenues in the FY 2016 budget negotiations.
  • Leverage communication opportunities in local media and public forums to elevate the value of your services and call for reforms and additional revenue.
    CBHA calls for Reforms and Additional Revenue

Provider Results Version 2.0
Access to Prevention, Care, Treatment and Services

Saves Lives and Treasury


CBHA Members - Please use the provider results contained in this document as a template and use your own provider results in meetings with your legislators with a copy on file at the CBHA office.  "Provider Results"  should be sent to Sheryl Turpin at CBHA Central.

Ask Your Representative to Support
Addiction Treatment and Recovery


The new Congress has settled in here on Capitol Hill. While we don't yet know which behavioral health bills lawmakers will take up this year, there's one thing we know for sure - it's never too early to start building support for a strong substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery agenda.


Please take action today to help us get a head start, by asking your Representative to join the Addiction Treatment and Recovery Caucus!

New positions posted 5/6/15
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  • Nonprofit Accounting Specialist
  • Executive Director
  • Compliance and Operations Manager

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