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Provider Results
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Thanks to all who contributed to this CBHA team effort!

"Going On Record"
with DASA

It is important for everyone who will have service capacity diminished to go on record.  Demonstrating the consequences to clients you serve will help us leverage the next round of our discussions as Director Binion responds to your situation. Contact the CBHA office for more information and sample communication.


CBHA is currently working with providers across the state to facilitate community forums based on legislative districts by providing templates for inviting legislators, partners and participants. We can also assist by discussing ideas, topics, and how to use the forum to offer, as well as solicit, actions and solutions for identified issues. Contact CBHA for additional information.

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The Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois (CBHA) is a professional trade association representing community behavioral healthcare agencies in the State of Illinois. CBHA advocates on behalf of the community behavioral healthcare industry and provides information to members, legislators, consumers, family members, and MORE.


Our goal is to provide a valuable resource to the behavioral healthcare industry so comments and suggestions are welcome. Please forward your comments to or contact the CBHA office at (217) 585-1600.


HFS - Behavioral Health Providers and MCOs Meetings in Chicago and Springfield

Since the inception of the HFS Integrated Care Program over 3 years ago, CBHA has advocated for an ongoing “open issues process” by which outstanding issues between providers and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) can be addressed and resolved. While we continue to advocate for the process, HFS contacted the CBHA office to inform us that they have scheduled two meetings for behavioral health providers and the managed care organizations.


At the Chicago meeting, ten MCOs will be onsite representing the Greater Chicago, Rockford and Quad Cities Regions to address any questions or issues the providers currently have.


At the Springfield meeting, four MCOs will be onsite representing the Central Illinois and Metro East regions. The meetings will not focus on just one program (ICP, MMAI, or FHP), but rather any issues providers continue to have regarding billing, policies, contracting, etc. with the MCOs.


The CBHA office was asked to gather any issues and questions from our members prior to the meeting. HFS will create an agenda based on the issues providers are having.


For additional information and to see the results of the survey sent out to members for the Chicago meeting, click here.

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CBHA Mission:

Our mission is to represent the interests of our members in order
to ensure access and availability of a comprehensive system of
accountable, quality behavioral healthcare services for the people of Illinois.

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