Community Behavioral
Healthcare Association of Illinois

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Who We Are…

The Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois (CBHA) is a statewide not-for-profit membership organization representing the interests of community behavioral healthcare agencies in the state of Illinois.

An association of providers of mental health, substance abuse and youth services to Illinois citizens, CBHA promotes the development of quality programs providing services for community behavioral health including mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, rural mental health and children and adolescents.

CBHA is governed by an 11-member board of directors that are elected from the four geographic regions of Illinois (Northeast, Northwest, Southern and Central). In addition to the board of directors, the association's leadership consists of the chairs of four standing committees: Public Policy; Integrated Primary and Behavioral Health; Children & Adolescents; and Behavioral Health.

Our Mission…

Our mission is to represent the interests of our members in order to ensure access and availability of a comprehensive system of accountable, quality behavioral healthcare services for the people of Illinois.

Our Vision…

Our vision is an accessible, consumer and family responsive, efficient, effective, fully unified and principled healthcare system.

CBHA as an association of mission-driven behavioral healthcare community providers, advocates within the behavioral healthcare industry and works in partnership with its communities and their consumers for a fully developed, consumer responsive, quality driven system. The Association and its members are active participants in shaping the direction of Illinois' behavioral healthcare system. This active approach promotes quality behavioral healthcare services that can effectively and efficiently serve individuals and families living in communities throughout Illinois.

To realize our vision requires reaching both long term and short term objectives. Our vision guides our efforts to ensure the presence of an accessible, efficient, effective, fully unified and principled behavioral healthcare delivery system.

Short Term Objectives…

Recognizing the desired long-term system requires benchmarked developmental steps. More immediate objectives include:

  • the development of consumer, family and provider coalitions
  • an increased integration of government-funded behavioral healthcare systems
  • the organization of systems of care through regional networks as the primary focus for the delivery of behavioral healthcare
  • an increased focus on de-categorization of client populations for behavioral healthcare services
  • the delineation of roles for behavioral healthcare, child welfare, and social services
  • the implementation of state and regional computerized client information systems
  • the development of formalized mechanisms to allow for consumers, providers, and other stakeholders to work in partnership, provide input and respond to planning for organized systems of care
  • coordination of primary and behavioral healthcare
  • the removal of redundant regulations, procedures and rules

Long Term Objectives…

The principled behavioral healthcare system will include:

  • enrolled populations
  • a schedule of benefits
  • adequate financing
  • integrated accountability systems and processes
  • standardized computer based quality management
  • aligned incentives to provide appropriate care
  • mechanisms to address unique needs of chronic/severe populations
  • increased integration of physical and behavioral healthcare
  • planning sensitive to regional needs
  • fully defined roles for consumer and family involvement
  • access and availability for eligible consumers and families
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