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"Our Common Purpose: Advancing Community Behavioral Health"
May 17, 2017



Community Behavioral Health Care Spring Forum 2017 - CE Certificate



An Update from Washington: May You Live in Interesting and Uncertain Times

- Andrew Kessler, Slingshot Solutions, Federal Policy Liaison to IABH

- Dan Rabbitt, Heartland Alliance


A Few Words From Washington (About the New World Order…) - Andrew Kessler


The Crusade Against Medicaid and ACA - Dan Rabbitt



Changing the Way Healthcare is offered in Illinois: Integrated Health Homes and other State Updates

- Kristine Herman, Bureau Chief, Bureau of Behavioral Health, HFS

- Diana Knaebe, Director, DMH

- Danielle Kirby, Deputy Director, Planning, Performance Assessment and Federal Programs, DASA


Integrated Health Homes: Overview of Approach - Kristine Herman and Diana Knaebe


Vision for Integrated Health Homes in Illinois


DASA Updates - Danielle Kirby


Advocacy Day Documents


Behavioral Health Advocacy Day - Substantive Bills


Illinois Behavioral Health State Budget Priorities


The Cost of Not Treating Mental Illness to Illinois


Mental Health and Addiction Services Need a State Budget Now



Pictures from the Community Behavioral Health Care Advocacy Day


CBHA Mission:

Our mission is to represent the interests of our members in order
to ensure access and availability of a comprehensive system of
accountable, quality behavioral healthcare services for the people of Illinois.

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